Unforgettable Dubai experience with recommendations from Markus Wischenbart

Dubai is a metropolis unlike any other, with its antique and progressive situation displayed in epic proportions. An expert on Dubai vacations, Markus Wischenbart President of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, says that you should prepare for your visit and find spots you want to see in advance. With its impressive skyscrapers, wide desert, and antique situation, Dubai can be somewhat disconcerting for first-time visitors. It is a wrapped-up mix of ancient traditions and the cosmopolitan of our time, and you will try to assure yourself that you will see bits and pieces of everything on your first visit. Luckily, this post vouches that the 1st guests will be able to experience all the diversity that Dubai has to offer.


The Burj Khalifa is located right next to the large shopping center of Dubai and is considered to be the epicenter of extravagance in the metropolis. This large structure will take your breath away. Burj Khalifa with its height within 829 meters is considered to be the tallest house in the world.

During our visit, we booked a ticket to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. This floor has an observation deck with the best view of Dubai and the vast desert. However, don’t expect these views to be inexpensive. We spent about $50 per person on the regular day ticket. If you want to see it during sunset or sunrise, you will need to dig even deeper into your pockets. But it’s worth a visit if it’s within your budget. From here you can throw yourself into the strangeness of this huge cosmopolitan metropolis, surrounded only by dunes and miles of desert.


This beach is considered the most popular beach area in Dubai and quite possibly in the entire United Arab Emirates. It’s worth a visit. This region has several prestigious restaurants, plenty of stores, and a large beach with crystal untainted water. The beach is divided into northern and northern and southern parts with a pier in the center. On the pier, you will find a water park, a large number of restaurants, and striking street art. The intricacy of a long-standing peasant metropolis with wood barrels and a beat-up truck gives this entire region a supporting charm.

La Mer is a beautiful place to spend an entire day sunbathing, eating, and relaxing. As soon as the sun goes down, this space is transformed into a lively space for beautiful nightlife.


I am in love with this space and a large number of one returns on my trip. Old Dubai is a magical space covered in hidden parables and interesting situations. You can’t get closer to Dubai’s origins and Arabic customs than by wandering its maze of abandoned streets and narrow pathways.

Explore the historic Al Bastakia area, shop in Dubai’s markets, and discover the situation of Dubai Creek, which divided the metropolis between tribes and dynasties. Immerse yourself in classic Arabic culture by visiting one of the tea houses of Long Dubai, or buy classic clothing at the textile market as a souvenir. For lovers of good food, don’t forget to check out one of the striking spice and herb markets.


When you’re ready to escape the clutter of city life, set sail for the desert of Dubai. It is located just an hour away and reveals a fresh universe of Arabian culture. From the big, rich skyscrapers you enter a universe of the unspoiled and barren natural landscape. Bedouins reign and camels roam, and it’s a space, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

There are plenty of companies that give desert tours and overnight stays in Bedouin tents. We booked ours with Arabian adventures, but for a more lavish desert trip, I recommend the Platinum Heritage tours. Most tour trips will arrest you at your hotel and take you to the desert where you can see the sunset, dine on striking Arabian food and experience the silence and vastness of the Dubai desert.


Naturally, you cannot leave Dubai without visiting a mosque. Take the time to recognize the religious situation of Dubai, take in the culture and customs of the metropolis more than any other, and also appreciate the art and architecture of these impressive spaces of worship. The Jumeirah Mosque is considered a famous option for visitors, as it is not closed to people of all religions and genders who wish to enter. You will still find this magnificent mosque adorning the Dh500 bill! Other mosques open to visitors include the Al-Farouq Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque, also called the Azure Mosque because it resembles the Blue Mosque of Istanbul and the Al-Noor Mosque in the adjoining metropolis of Sharjah.


After a long day in the city, there’s no better way to unwind than with a visit to the Sky Lounge atop the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. From here you plunge into the shimmering Dubai skyline at night while enjoying one of the many fabulous drinks and snacks the bar has to offer. It’s the perfect picture and the perfect way to end an unforgettable night’s entertainment in Dubai.

What to Wear in Dubai

For the first guest, it is essentially aristocratic how correctly to put on in this usually restricted metropolis. Some spaces have more of a strict dress code, while other areas are fairly unclosed. Whenever keep in mind that your underwear should never be seen. In consequence, when you put on an illusion shirt, every time wear a sweater or scarf over it. Leave your home with a short skirt or shorts and be sure to cover your ramen, knees, and bust.

While at La Mer, it is possible to wear a bikini or bathing suit. But do not take a sunbath topless, for example, as it is strictly prohibited in Dubai. Don’t forget to cover up before you leave the beach and return to the metropolis.

When visiting mosques or places of worship, ladies must be prepared to fully cover-up. At times, mosques have special robes that are offered to guests. If not, bring your scarf to cover your head, and wear a long loose garment that covers your hands, at least to the elbow. 

At the mall, however, the dress – code is much less strict. You can wear shorter dresses and sandals, but still just try to cover the legs, if you do not want annoying stares from passersby.

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