UAE educational institutions return from 14 February.

Education Department says classes will start getting back on track, but distance learning is still an option this school year.

From 14th February 2021, the UAE will begin a gradual return to normal education in public schools, universities, and private schools in Abu Dhabi.

Details were released by the Education Ministry on Wednesday.

Education Department decided as many schools are closing as a precautionary measure or because of cases of Covid-19 infection among employees, students, or parents. Private schools in Dubai resumed face-to-face classes in August, with some schools periodically closed due to an increase in patients’ number.

“The possibility of distance learning will remain available until the end of the current academic year, given the importance of coordination between parents and school principals,” the ministry said.

Existing security measures in schools have been revised and updated to reflect the latest developments related to the coronavirus. They will be updated throughout the school year.

Returning to classes will be delayed, as the schools are expected to support the hybrid system of education.

The department said that the decision was made “on the basis of the recommendations of the authorities and taking into account the wishes of the parents of the students.”

The Abu Dhabi Committee for Emergencies, Crises, and Disasters said Wednesday that classroom instruction would resume for all grades in emirate schools, with e-learning available before the end of the school year.

The committee said it had approved a “preventative protocol” for schools to ensure the safety of staff and students.

In-person classes were originally supposed to resume – for all public schools in the UAE and private schools in Abu Dhabi – at the start of the second school semester in January but have been postponed twice due to increased cases.

In preparation for regular classes, private school regulators arranged for staff to be vaccinated.

The Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority runs a school staff vaccination campaign, with many schools reporting that most of their staff have been immunized.

Since March, Abu Dhabi private school students in grades 7 through 9 have not returned to grades since March will also resume private lessons.

Unfortunately, high school students were unable to return to full-time education this school year.

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