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Last minute tours to Dubai from Kiev and other cities of Ukraine

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE. He is by right the center of trade in the eastern countries. People from all over the world come here for the gold fabrics and pearls. Dubai is divided in two parts by the sea channel Khor Dubai. For tourists, the most interesting it can be crossed by boat, but you can also use the two bridges over the tunnel. Tourists are attracted not only beach holidays, there are many activities for all tastes. Very popular in the Emirates enjoys golf. In Dubai, almost every expensive hotel has a golf course. There are also fields where the world championship in this sport. Each year, visits Dubai more than 3 million tourists, and this figure increases every year. The average temperature is about 30 C, and only in January and February it reaches 10 – 12 C. It also rains at this time. For lovers of maritime entertainment there is a great choice. It is diving, surfing and much more. Equestrian sport is also well developed. On the edge of the city you can see herds of camels and watch the pearl divers for precious shells. As for shopping, tourists are offered in this regard, too, interesting and diverse selection. You can visit boutiques located in skyscrapers, and you can walk through the old Arabian bazaars. In general, rest in Dubai will leave impressions and memories for a long time.

In an indoor sports complex Ski Dubai for the first time in Central Asia offers a winter ski vacation. Now the hot tours in Dubai – it is a great offer for sports lovers, in particular, such sports as skiing, sledding and snowboarding. The complex is located on Sheikh Saeed Road, in the Al Barsha zone, which is located to the south of Dubai. The location of the complex in the hot climate zone of the Arabian Desert, where the United Arab Emirates is located, makes this type of recreation exotic. The temperature here in the warm season can reach 50 ° C, but in the premises of the ski complex is constantly maintained the required temperature. Therefore, the ski tours in Dubai are available all year round in any season.

Ski Dubai.

In Ski Dubai guests are offered 5 different slopes, which are suitable for people with varying degrees of skiing skill. There are ordinary beginners’ slopes for beginners, a 62m long piste for professionals, snowboarding piste, lots of different slopes and a snow playground which is a world record in size. There is also a ski slope for both beginners and professional skiers. There are skating rinks, a slalom and a cable car.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, visitors are offered all sorts of entertainment in the snow park: toboggan run, double bobsled run, snowball.

The administration of the ski complex has taken care of equipment and outfit for winter sports. Also you will have high-class instructors, who are ready to provide professional assistance.

Working hours: every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

I had my first stay in Dubai and I was very pleased with the food and the hotel was very cool at night as if I was in the future.

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