Spanish – inspired hotel in UAE

Dubai, UAE. On an artificial archipelago, The World off the coast of Dubai is preparing to open completely Spanish resort “Marbella» (Marbella). The entire staff will speak Spanish, to pay can only be Euro currency, and even resort will live on Spanish time.

According to the company Kleindienst Group, the developer of the islands of the archipelago serving “Heart of Europe» (Heart of Europe), the resort will be simulated by the climate of the Spanish coast and lifestyle. “Estilo de Vida.”

The Hotel has planned to equip 191 rooms, including suites, suites, and “caves.” It offers 6 bars and restaurants, several pools, including an exclusive for VIP guests, a private beach, and water sports equipment.

The branded spa is inspired by Moorish heritage in Spain, with a hammam, sauna, pool with controlled temperature, and a relaxation room. The opening of the resort is scheduled for 2022.

Guests will enjoy a feast of food, music, and culture in Spain, including flamenco lessons and tasting of grape drinks, photo sessions against the backdrop of millennial olive trees brought from Andalusia.

The archipelago The World Islands, made in the form of a map of the world, built 15 hotels. In December 2020, investors will be given two thousand rooms. In addition to private houses, floating villas famous project-called “sea horses” made fast to the islands off the coast.

The total cost of the project on artificial islands is estimated at the US $ 5 billion. Finished projects include five hotels, several floating villas, and island beach of Sweden palaces and villas on Germany’s island.

Kleindienst Group, the master developer of the emirate’s World Islands, added that Marbella Hotel would offer apartments, suites, and “caves” where guests can bed down and six bars and restaurants, including one that features a live flamenco show.

Marbella Hotel, inspired by the popular holiday destination in Spain’s Andalusia region, will also house several swimming pools, including one just for suite guests, a private beach, and on-site water sports.

“Development of the Marbella Hotel is in line with our unrivaled vision of providing visitors with the best European experience right here in Dubai,” said Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of the Kleindienst Group. “The Marbella Hotel is a dynamic fusion accompanied by unmistakable music and dance that makes Spain an unforgettable country from which we have drawn the very best elements for our vision of the destination.”

The “Heart of Europe” project is located approximately four kilometers offshore from the Dubai coast and includes six interconnected islands that will house a total of 4,000 housing units in 15 resorts.

Construction of St. Tropez, one of the largest hotels on the island, includes 200 rooms and recreates the popular French Riviera’s atmosphere and charm and is almost complete. Upscale beach resort Cote d’Azur, Portofino hotel, and apartment houses are planned to be operational soon.

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