Popular excursions in Dubai in 2021

Most people who want to vacation in the United Arab Emirates choose Dubai. This is a beautiful city, where you can have a very fun and interesting time. Holidays in Dubai from Odessa can be not only bright and exciting, but also informative. It regularly offers a variety of excursion programs. No matter if you bought a package tour or travel independently, you will have something to see. Be sure to take your camera, because the brightest pictures will be a lot.

Ready-made excursions from Dubai for tourists

Considering the common offers, travelers prefer comprehensive options. It is possible to buy a trip in the travel agency, which already includes entertainment activities. This includes, for example, a sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi. It takes 8 hours: you will visit the Rub Al Khali Desert, see the Coin Al Dar skyscraper and the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, the watchtower. And of course visit the star of the emirate – Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Worth seeing is a sightseeing tour of Dubai, which allows you to admire all the beauties. Its duration is 4 hours, and is held on certain days. You will see the world famous “Burdj Dubai”, will be able to do shopping and just stroll around the shopping center Dubai Mall or go to a huge indoor aquarium. Those who are interested in ready tours in the UAE, book this one. It is quite saturated, and not very long, so do not tire.

What can be seen in the UAE on their own.

Despite the fact that the prices for excursions in 2017-2018 are not too high, vacationers prefer to get acquainted with the sights of this city, traveling alone. If you fall into this category, you can climb the Burj Dubai and enjoy the view from the observation deck on the 124th floor. At the same time, check out the museum dedicated to the creation of the tower.

Next, speaking of what excursions to visit on your own, we should mention Safari. You can go here as a group, and only with relatives or friends. They are organized by different firms, but their content is almost the same. You can ride in the desert, frolic among the dunes, communicate with camels and have a delicious dinner.

To combine leisure with shopping, we advise to go to the Old Market. Here you can make bargains and take pictures of various goods. Nearby is the minaret of the Great Mosque. Also do not forget to walk to the Golden Market, where they sell fine jewelry, spice bazaar and perfume market are the real highlights.

It is quite difficult to say unequivocally how much a tour in Dubai costs. It all depends on the financial policy of the company providing the service. As a rule, for a sightseeing tour you have to pay 25 – 30 dollars per person. For a tour of Abu Dhabi from $ 50. And for a boat trip and the “Fountain Show” is about $18. When planning your vacation, be sure to include these costs.

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