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For the most comfortable holiday in the United Arab Emirates in April is ideal. And if we have at this time still slushy, in the Emirates summer reigns, and not stifling wet and not drying hot. April is the end of the “velvet season” in the UAE.

Holidays in the Emirates in the middle of spring attracts tourists with its great sporting and cultural events. For example, in Abu Dhabu during this time passes the International Book Fair, which usually has more than 600 thousand books.

Al Gharbia holds a water sports festival in April. This spectacular aquatic sporting extravaganza takes place on the beach of the small fishing village of Mirfa. The festival attracts many world-class athletes. Here everyone can relax for a whole week to the sound of music on the beach and watch the surfers and kitesurfers rush by, or you can ski on the waves yourself.

You can also visit the FIA Cross Country Rally for the World Cup, which begins in Abu Dhabi in April and ends in Dubai. During these five days there are still bicycle races and various entertainment shows that everyone can visit.

In the middle of the month in Dubai is held Art Fair, where they bring their best paintings world famous artists from around the world.

Well, of course, every vacationer can have fun in the water parks and entertainment centers, visit modern boutiques and shopping centers, and visit the places, which from a cultural and historical point of view are the most important in the UAE.

Weather at Resorts

Air Temperature

April weather in the United Arab Emirates is the most comfortable of the year. On the west coast the thermometer shows an average of +30 … +31 during the day and drops to +25 at night. To the east, for example in Fujairah, the temperature is a little cooler and the daytime temperature is +29 … +30 and night-time +24.

Water temperature

The water temperature in April off the coast of the Persian Gulf is on average +25, whereas at the resorts located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman it is heated to +26 and above. The only drawback is the large accumulation of jellyfish that are washed ashore on some days.

Weather peculiarities

April completes the “velvet” season in the Emirates, after which the exhausting heat will begin. This time is especially comfortable on the west coast, where the weather is always more benign. But such a heat wave is not felt, as the humidity during the day reaches only 50-60%. There is a gradual increase in humidity and sunshine and by the end of April one can feel the heat of a hot Arabian summer coming on.

There is a gradual increase in the length of the day and at the end of the month it will be 13 hours. The cloudiness also changes. If in the first days of April it does not exceed 6%, then closer to the end of April it already reaches 25-27%.

It almost never rains, only in the east of the UAE at the beginning of the month there may be a small amount of rainfall up to 10-15mm on some days. But the UAE as a whole experiences the typical thick fogs that are a direct result of the changing seasons.

The wind mostly blows from the north-west, less often from the south or north. Its speed gradually decreases, and while at the beginning of the month the winds were moderate, 2-16 mph, at the end the speed decreases to 9 mph.

Cost of Tours

The prices of tours to the United Arab Emirates in April are slightly different than in March. Some reduction in the cost of tours is due to the end of the high season at Arabian resorts. But at the end of the month ticket prices will rise again, because many tourists still want to have time to rest on first-class resorts in the Emirates before the heat of hell.

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