Imprisonment and fine up to AED 500,000 for a forgery diploma to work in the UAE

Dubai, UAE. Job seekers in the United Arab Emirates are presented with false academic credentials and documents of qualifications, will wait up to two years in prison, and fines of up to 500,000 dirhams (US $ 136,000).

The corresponding bill considers the UAE Federal National Council. States that the penalty would apply even to those who say that do not know about the true origin of their documents.

“Everyone knows that the technology of production of such documents is rapidly developing”, – said a member of the FNC Nasser Al Yamaha.

“It has become a global trend, and not only in the UAE.”

He also added that many people are getting false degrees from unlicensed academic institutions abroad.

“This is something new in the community, and it does not pursue [existing] laws, so there was a need to adopt comprehensive legislation for this”, – said Mr. Al Yamaha.

The new law also provides penalties for employers and self-employed professionals staff who make false documents. They will have to pay from 100 thousand to a million dirhams in fines and spend up to two years in prison.

In January 2019 in the FNC State Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ahmad Al Falas said that the country’s status as a “Top Destinations” encourages people to forge documents to obtain lucrative posts.

He said that the ministry has not accredited the false diplomas, but in 2018 it was discovered 143 attempts to issue such certificates as genuine.

“Before accrediting any certificate, the ministry asks for stamps from concerned parties, like the embassy of the country the degree was issued at, and then we contact the university itself and confirm whether the student graduated from there,” he said.

Applicants applying for positions in government and parastatal organizations in Abu Dhabi, have to submit a degree accredited by the Ministry, pre-employment. But not all private companies follow this rule.

The new law aims to correct this imbalance and to put an end to the practice of using fake qualifications.

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