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In Tashkent, the only thing people talk about is Dubai – at home, at work, with friends in a teahouse. It is not surprising – Dubai has everything that we all like: beauty, luxury, affluence, culture – but it is on a level (unfortunately) unachievable for Uzbekistan. You must have heard enough about Dubai itself (perhaps too much), so let’s not go too deep. It is better to know how much money you will need if you are going there for the first time.


Everything is simple, go to and take a ticket Tashkent-Dubai-Tashkent in March for 4 064 930 soum.


The cost of accommodation in Dubai starts at $ 20 for a place in a hostel and tends to infinity. This is not a turn of phrase, as you can rent a room for $100,000 a night if you want and have the facilities. But roughly so:

– Hostel room from $20.
– Double room in a hotel from $ 35
– Double room in a 3* hotel from $50
– Double room in 4* hotel from 60 $
– Double room in a 5* hotel from 80 $

Keep in mind that during high season (October-November, March-April) prices are increased by 15-30%. If you rent through, the price by default does not include taxes (another 15% + 10% service and tourist taxes).


Getting into a cab is about $1.5, each kilometer is $0.5, if you add in wait time and traffic jams, one trip costs an average of $5-$6. Each trip on the subway or streetcar (within the same area) is $1, although you can get a pass for the day for about $4-5. Riding a traditional boat (abra) or water bus is cheaper, about 30-50 cents.


Going to Dubai to save money is a strange idea (plus you’re unlikely to succeed). But if you try hard, you can find a Pakistani or Indian place and have dinner for $20 without drinks. Eating at a more or less touristy place is a matter of $80-$100. And if you also want to drink beer, then be prepared to shell out $ 10-12 for a bottle of 0.33.


This is the main item of expenditure (you are not going to sit in a room, right?). Although there are things you can do for free – some beaches, Old Town, gold and spice markets, the Flamingo Sanctuary.

And here’s what you’ll have to pay for:

– Burj Khalifa Lookout Tower – $41 adult ticket (25% discount for children).
– Wild Wadi Water Park – $75 adults and $65 children tickets.
– Six Emirates tour – from 90$ for one person
– Desert Safari from 60$ for one person
– Boat trip – from 100 $
– Entrance to IMG Worlds of Adventure amusement park – $ 80
– Entrance to Dubai Miracle Garden – $ 9

Let’s count

It’s all very rough (as it depends on your capabilities, goals of the trip and how ready you are to switch to buckwheat with stewed meat). But let’s try to estimate the cost for two people for a week:

– Direct flights from $770.
– Accommodation in a 4-star hotel, from $525.
– Travel, $70.
– Cab – $70.
– Meals – $700
– Excursions – $800
– Souvenirs – $300
– Other expenses – $200.
It turns out that if you don’t skimp too much, see all the major tourist spots and take some souvenirs home, the trip will cost you $3,435 or
36,207,476 sums at the current exchange rate.

Yes, there are cheaper countries. But at least once is definitely worth it!

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