Everything about Dubai Miracle Garden and is it worth a visit?

Oases are one of nature’s most amazing wonders. These are small islands of life among endless deserts. If you are attracted to such contrasts, you should definitely visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. This man-made oasis is one of the largest flower parks in the world. Everyone who has been here claimed that Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see at least once. 

Why should you go to Dubai Miracle Garden?

The best specialists from the USA and Europe worked on the creation of the Dubai Miracle Garden. To decorate the flower beds, they brought plants that had never grown before in the Emirates. At the moment of the park’s opening, there were 45 types of various flowers, and their number is increasing with each new season. Take at least an hour and a half to visit Dubai Gardens, although you can easily spend 5 hours there. However, the park administration comes up with new entertainments twice a season. So if the park enchants you (and it certainly will), then you can return after some time and be surprised at the wealth of human imagination and nature.

Attractions must-see at Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is divided into 7 locations with different themes. Every year, the Dubai Miracle Garden exposition is replenished with new attractions, and here are the pictures that await you in 2021:

  • The current passenger aircraft Airbus A380: the fuselage and wings of the airliner are covered with flowers. There is even an Emirates airline logo made of flowers. The sculpture even has an imitation of working engines. 
  • 100,000 plants and flowers were used to create the 18-meter Mickey Mouse. The flower sculpture’s weight is 35 tons, and it is supported by a 7-ton steel structure on a reinforced concrete foundation weighing 50 tons. 
  • Teddy Bear is one of the newest exhibits. The installation, formed from thousands of plants and flowers, reaches a height of 12 meters. A huge Teddy Bear has a heart in its paws, a symbol of love and harmony. 
  • Lost Paradise looks like a cascade of a million flowers descending 20 feet underground. The central part of the composition is occupied by a small settlement of buildings covered with flowers. 
  • In the heart of the Lake Park area, there is a lake that transforms the Dubai Miracle Garden into a piece of sky. The reservoir, surrounded by multi-colored flowers, reflects the pacifying heaven in its calm waters. 
  • Hearts Passage is the central alley with dozens of large heart-shaped arches covered with different shades’ flowers. Many people from other countries want to get there to propose. 
  • Butterfly Dubai Park is a complex of 10 dome-shaped buildings, and 4 of them are currently used for butterfly gardens. 45 species of butterflies are bred here. Attention! Both gardens are located on the same territory, but these are two different attractions: they have other entrances, and they need separate tickets. Butterfly Dubai Park entry fee: 55 AED for adults and children over 3 years. 

Dubai Miracle Garden’s Avenues

There is a beautiful playground for children on the Dubai Miracle Garden territory, where they can even play video games. Also, you will find a gift shop that is not only about flowers but also about butterflies.

On the spacious 

amphitheaters, performances are regularly shown, festivals, and other events are organized.

There is a special place in the park – trampolines designed for children and adults. The whole family can have fun in the trampoline area, or you can leave the child in the care of experienced staff.

There are benches, swings, and hammocks in the garden for those who want to relax and chill, where you can even sleep.

There are 8 restaurants in the park, many cafes, and eateries. There you will be offered fresh juices and other drinks, coffee, desserts, snacks, seafood, dishes of European and Arabic cuisines.

How do you get to the Dubai Miracle Garden?

  1. You can take a taxi to the park from anywhere in Dubai. 
  2. You can rent a car. There is a free outdoor car park and a paid VIP car park near the Dubai Miracle Garden.
  3. The trip will be cheaper by metro. You need to get to the Mall of the Emirates station on the red line – it’s the closest station to the Miracle Garden. There is usually a taxi in front of the Mall of the Emirates. But there is no taxi next to the park – to get back to the city, you need to call the car or catch the one that brought new visitors.
  4. The cheapest way to get to the Dubai Miracle Garden is by metro and bus. Near the Mall of the Emirates station, next to the same name’s shopping center, there are few bus stops – every 20-40 minutes, bus No. 105 goes to the park.

What is the Best Time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden 2021?

Dubai Miracle Garden opening takes place from October to May. During the summer months, the park is closed because it’s too hot at this time. At this time, the administration of the garden creates new unique exhibits. Dubai Miracle Garden working hours:

From Sunday to Thursday – 09:00 am to 09:00 pm. 

Friday and Saturday – 09:00 am to 11:00 pm.

On ticket websites, you may also lookup the miracle garden working hours. Although there are benches in the park and you can hide from the sun under the sculptures with awnings, it’s still too hot during the day. There are too many people on the weekend, so it’s better to come in the early morning on weekdays, or after 4:00 pm to see the installations in daylight and with backlighting.

Where to buy a Miracle Garden ticket?

There are two ways to buy a Miracle Garden ticket: in the park itself or online in advance. In order not to get bored in the queue, many visitors prefer to purchase it in advance, also in a safer contactless way.

To buy a ticket at the entrance

As with any tourist destination, you can buy tickets at the box office at the entrance. However, this can take a long time, especially in the afternoon when the flow of people increases. Due to the epidemiological situation in the world, it’s better to take care of buying tickets in advance, especially if you want to get to both the Miracle Garden and the Butterfly Garden on the same day.

Online booking

To avoid crowds at the entrance, you can buy your ticket online by the links:

What is the price of entry to Dubai Miracle Garden?

  • Adults (12 and above): AED 55
  • Children (3 to 12 years): AED 40
  • Children below 3 and people of determination: Free of charge

What’s Dubai Miracle Garden Latest News?

The park opened with strict epidemiological measures under government regulations. All visitors must have temperature checks at the entrance and should keep social distancing throughout the park.

The rules for visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden have been updated because of the pandemic:

1. All guests must have a temperature check before entering.

2. Antiseptics are available in all areas of the park so visitors can use them at any time.

3. The daily throughput has been reduced.

4. Social distancing is also required.

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