Dubai trip in 2019: all inclusive, all inclusive prices with flight

Dubai. This is the largest resort city of the United Arab Emirates. Countless people just dream of visiting this paradise place. It has everything for a full and relaxing holiday. Very beautiful nature, countless attractions and memorable places, happy vacationers and comfortable luxury hotels will accompany you during the whole period of rest. Of course, a vacation in Dubai is not a cheap pleasure, but it is surely worth it.
In Dubai there are countless places that you will be very interesting to visit. The main attraction and the pride of the city is a luxury hotel “Burj el Arab”. Surely, seeing this building on the photos of people understand what country and city we are talking about. This is one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai. This building is 321 meters high and is located 280 meters from the shore, which attracts holidaymakers.


  • Another pleasant and very beautiful place in the resort city of Dubai is a park of flowers DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN.
  • The park works not more than 3 years but it has already managed to win the hearts of many tourists.
  • Its area is more than 72000sq.m, which is quite a lot.
  • Here, you will see a countless number of flower plantations, beautiful arches with flowers and picturesque lawns, which are very impressive.
  • It is here that wedding photo sessions and even the wedding ceremony itself are held.


Of course, to be in Dubai and not to visit the “Dubai Mall” is impossible.

  • This is the largest shopping mall in the world.
  • True fashionistas will be interested to visit it.
  • Its shopping area is more than 350 244 square meters.
  • Here is the world’s largest aquarium, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • It is home to more than 33,000 marine animals.
  • It is an impressive spectacle.
  • Entrance fee is 433 rubles in local currency.
  • For such a small amount, you will get a lot of positive emotions and impressions for a year to come.

When it is worth to go on vacation

Dubai is a city which is designed for relaxation all year round. At any time of the year here is wonderful. Warm weather, clean beaches, delicious food and unique attractions can satisfy even the most demanding and emotionally stingy person.

Where to stay

Since this is a major resort destination designed for a relaxing vacation, there is no shortage of tourists. In Dubai there are many comfortable hotels where you can stay.

  • One of the rather popular hotels in Dubai is the “Raffles Dubai”.
  • This very beautiful hotel is built in the form of an Egyptian pyramid.
  • At night the hotel is especially beautiful, because outside the hotel is equipped with lighting, which gives this building a unique romantic look.
  • It has everything for a full and carefree vacation.
  • We offer a swimming pool, a spa center, a fitness center, a restaurant with delicious cuisine and skilled chefs and luxurious apartments.
  • The knowledgeable multilingual staff will help troubleshoot any problem you may have during your stay here.
  • Each room has air conditioning and a minibar with delicious drinks.

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