Dubai man paid his mistress’s fines with his wife’s credit card.

A resident of Dubai learned about the existence of her husband’s mistress after debiting money from her credit card.

She filed a complaint with the police about “stealing” funds from a credit card, found out that her husband had a mistress and secretly paid her traffic fines.

According to Captain Abdullah Al Shehi, Deputy Director of Cyber-Crime Department at Dubai Police, the police received a woman’s complaint about a stranger who used her credit card to pay traffic fines.

After investigation, the woman who used the credit card was summoned. It turned out the credit card used to pay the fines belonged to the man’s wife.

“It was a strange case because the wife didn’t know that her husband used her credit card to pay his friend’s traffic fines. The friend didn’t know that he was married, and the wife didn’t know that he had a girlfriend,” Captain Al Shehi said.

The wife received a notice from the bank about the transaction made on her credit card. She called the bank and asked to have the card blocked before applying with the Dubai Police. She thought the card was stolen. During the investigation, it became clear who and what paid with the card.

The police noted that such cases are quite rare.

“The problem is from the bank customer who sometimes uses credit cards for purchases through unsecured sites offering products or brands at low prices. They put the card details on these sites but don’t know some gangs can hack the system cards and steal the card details and money,” Col Al Hajiri said.

Dubai police urged residents of the emirate to remain vigilant and only make purchases on secure sites, not to share their passwords and other data with strangers over the phone.

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