Dubai Global Connect opens a state-of-the-art visitor center in South Dubai.

The 4,000 square meter space will initially feature fashion, food and furniture.

Dubai: Dubai Global Connect (DGC) has opened the DGC Visitor Center in the south of Dubai. Wholesale B2B market, the Visit Center’s construction in RSK was completed on 20th October last year.

“Throughout history, Dubai’s strategic location has created a rich trading heritage for the city, maintained global ambitions, and played a critical role in international trade,” said Mohammad Al Shaybani, managing director of the Dubai Investment Corporation (ICD). “The creation of the DGC ICD to develop this trading history, and we look forward to welcoming traders from around the world to our Visitor Center from today.”

The 4,000 square meter Visitor Center will showcase RSK’s services and products. As part of this experience, DGC created small markets with an initial selection of traders representing furniture, food, and fashion.

“We have always planned for the DGC Visitor Center to operate throughout Expo 2020, and we are proud to announce its completion as scheduled,” said Duraid Zaguani, ICD’s COO and DGC Chairman. “Our vision for this space goes beyond promoting the DGC. and extends to providing a platform for trade to flourish while we work to complete the remainder of the DGC wholesale market and the surrounding ecosystem. ”

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