Dubai for foodies: where you should live to enjoy the best food?

If there’s one thing you don’t have to hunt for in Dubai, it’s sweet food and great restaurants! In case you are a food connoisseur and want to move to an area with an abundance of restaurants nearby, we have an irrefutable list of the best areas to live in Dubai for food lovers.

Best areas to live in Dubai for foodies

No matter what your taste in food or budget is, Dubai has a wide variety of restaurants to suit your tastes. The upcoming list of residential areas is the best for connoisseurs of good food in Dubai, because they have all chances to boast of different eateries, which are often visited by bloggers and gastronomes owners. Their ranking is still realized on consumer attention to Bayou for buying and renting residences in these areas.

In case you wish to own a dwelling close to the emirate’s best restaurants and cafés, here are the best communities in Dubai for food devotees. 

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DUBAI Marina

First on our list of the best areas to live in Dubai for food devotees is the middle of Fresh Dubai, Dubai Marina, once one of the most prestigious areas of the metropolis. The famous region has a number of impressive and original towers with apartments, from which the view of the waterfront opens up. For example, these 1 bed sea view apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are perfect for single experts and couples who want a luxurious living space close to famous restaurants and bars!

The area is also one of the best places to live in Dubai for food lovers, as it has some of the best restaurants in the metropolis. Indego by Vineet and Bussola are just a few of the elegant restaurants in Dubai Marina that are worth visiting. The marina and Pier 7 still offer a sprawling selection of restaurants, cafes and bistros that specialize in luxury dining and offer an interesting view of the marina.

This coastal space is considered the epitome of cool life in Dubai. Anyone who managed to own or rent a flat in Dubai Marina has the opportunity to revel in the best life on the waterfront in the metropolis.

Tenants who wish to rent a flat in this upscale region, have all chances to plan on paying an average annual rent of AED 42 thousand for a studio, AED 64 thousand UAE for a 1-bedroom and AED 93 thousand UAE for a 2-bedroom apartment. Sales prices of apartments in Dubai Marina are still presentable, with the average price of studios at AED 718,000, 1-bedroom units at AED 1.08 million and 2-bedroom units at AED 1.65 million.

Dubai Marina still invites a unique, narrow selection of villas on the pavement for those looking for a property that desires the most space and privacy. Renting a 3-bedroom villa in Dubai Marina averages 170 thousand UAE dirhams. On the other hand, you can buy villas in Dubai Marina at an average cost of 6.42 million UAE dirhams for 4-bed and 9.22 million UAE dirhams for 5-bed dwellings.


Midtown Dubai is still considered one of the best areas to live in Dubai for food lovers. Elegant restaurants in the center of Dubai serve sumptuous viands from around the world. The wide collection of restaurants in Dubai Mall still adds to the mythical range of restaurants in this region.

Apartments for rent in the center of Dubai, where you will find familiar hotels, a great awareness of the subway and the commercial middle of the mammoth Dubai, use the popularity of people who revel in the glow and glamour of the metropolis. Rents in downtown Dubai average AED 53,000 for studios, AED 76,000 for 1-bed apartments, and AED 120,000 for 2-bed apartments.

Customers still have all the chances to buy stunning resale apartments in the center of Dubai, from which a mythical view is revealed. The average selling prices of apartments in central Dubai are AED 1.01 million for studios and increase to AED 2.58 million for 2-bedroom apartments.

Like Dubai Marina, there is a narrow selection of villas in downtown Dubai. The sale price of 3-bedroom villas for resale in central Dubai averages AED 6.73 million.


Coming up next on this list is the crowded Business Bay area. It is one of the best residential areas for connoisseurs of good food in Dubai because the culinary landscape reigns here, incorporating everything from luxury restaurants to stunning street food.

Some of the best restaurants in Business Bay include Tong Thai, which is famous for its own authentic Thai cuisine, and Kitchen 6, which serves a buffet of culinary delights from around the world. Business Bay also has a number of great Indian restaurants like Curry Box, Rang Mahal and Bikanerwala.

In addition to the fact that Business Bay is considered a wonderful space for restaurants, it has made a name for itself as a great paid and residential area of Dubai. The more famous residential properties in Business Bay include expensive condominiums that are available for rent and sale.

Business Bay condos are available in studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed configurations. The average rent for apartments in Business Bay ranges from 42,000 to 85,000 UAE dirhams. 

Because Business Bay is considered a freehold community, immigrants still have every chance to buy condos. Prices for condos for sale in Business Bay average AED 660,000 for studios, AED 1.02 million for 1-bed condos and AED 1.68 million for 2-bed condos.

For those looking for more family-oriented accommodations, there are a number of villas in Business Bay. The sale price of 4-bed resale villas in Business Bay averages AED 4.72 million.


Jumeirah Lake Towers, better known as JLT, is a crowded residential area located near Sheikh Zayed Road. The high-rise community has pedestrian-friendly landscaped areas and a beautiful man-made lake. 

JLT has a large number of restaurants in the area. Whether you’re looking for a sumptuous meal or a quick bite in an affordable cafe, there is no shortage of restaurants and cafes for connoisseurs of good food. 

Some of the famous restaurants in JLT include the famous noodle house Woyko, French bistro and bar Couqley, pan-Asian restaurant Nara and others.

JLT also has a large number of Indian restaurants, considered a boon to devotees of specialty cuisine. 

JLT is also considered one of the most desirable residential areas of Dubai, thanks to its large real estate and free zone. Those who work in JLT and are looking for real estate in the vicinity have a wide variety of options. The condos in the towers at Jumeirah Lake have a panoramic view of the surrounding skyline and lake, as well as great amenities at relatively affordable rates.

According to our information, the average rent of apartments in JLT is Dhs 34,000 for studios and reaches Dhs 74,000 for 2-bed apartments in JLT. Resale apartments at JLT are still available at most stereotypes, at an average cost of AED 429,000, AED 762,000 and AED 1.18 million for studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments according to this.


Al Barsha Association is still considered a paradise for connoisseurs of good food, as a consequence it deserves space in this list of the best spaces for connoisseurs of good food in Dubai. There are a large number of Al Barsha restaurants that cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences. For example, Pakistani restaurants in Al Barsh, such as the Daily Express and Spinzer, are all the more in demand among expats living in the South Asian country.


WHAT is one of the best spaces to live in Dubai for Indian families who are considered foodies?

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and Business Bay are perfect for Indian families, as both areas have a number of very famous Indian restaurants. While Indian restaurants in JLT include Gazebo, Raju Omelet and Sagar Ratna, Business Bay has Ananta and Bikanervala.


Midtown Dubai, JBR, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah are some of the best spaces for singles in Dubai. These areas have famous attractions, enticing events and upscale restaurants, allowing single experts to revel in the hustle and bustle of the city.


While expats live in areas all over the city, these communities like Myrdif, Arabian Ranch, Business Bay, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) are some of the best spaces to live in Dubai.

As you can see, Dubai has a large number of striking neighborhoods that offer unimaginable gastronomic emotions. While fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are in every region, connoisseurs of good food still have a chance to look forward to sampling fresh viands.

Other famous neighborhoods with a large selection of restaurants include DIFC and Deira; the latter has a striking collection of cheap restaurants.

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