Dubai decided to build a skyscraper clothespin.

The Clothespin company in Israel plans to bring this innovative artistic concept to Dubai.

Israeli company Clothespin announced a unique and innovative project for Dubai – a skyscraper in a clothespin shape. According to the idea of ​​the famous Israeli artist Zygo, the project will become a symbol of love, hope, and peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The 40-story tower is conceived as an architectural masterpiece to complement the collection of exclusive buildings constructed in Dubai. “The two halves of the clothespin will come together to create the perfect union”, – Zygo said.

The Clothespin Tower in Dubai is the first conceptual building of its kind that turns the mundane clothespin into an icon of eternal love and unity. While most buildings and skyscrapers boast height and architecture but lack truth and philosophy, the Clothespin Tower in Dubai, based on the famous artwork of Zygo, can be called a “monument of art.” The concept behind the Clothespin tower shows two halves complementing each other, just like the everyday Clothespin.

The company is currently looking for partners for a project in the Gulf region. Clothespin specializes in the concept of residential and office buildings as well as hotels.

“After much deliberation, we chose the UAE, which is renowned for its state-of-the-art structures and iconic buildings. Our project will become a bridge to peace, an anchor between the two countries, and a must-see attraction,” said the architectural company.

The Clothespin Company will transform the famous artwork of Zygo into a realistic project that is both functional and experiential. We want to make people an active part of the project; from being passive viewers of works of art, we give them an option to be a part of the tower – enter it, live in it, spend time inside it, and more. We believe this inner experience of the viewer is a powerful one.

One of the twin towers will be a luxury hotel with 1200 rooms; the other will be residential and designed for 300 premium apartments. Also, the towers will house a shopping center, modern art galleries, and restaurants. Of course, you can’t do without a fitness center and luxurious spa. The architects plan to start construction in 2023.

Earlier, Turkish architect Hayri Ataka announced the construction of a skyscraper in Dubai that rotates around its own axis by the force of the wind. The three Squall Towers are expected to be located on the coast of the emirate, next to the Dubai Marina.

The cross section of each tower will be streamlined, allowing it to rotate efficiently with minimal wind resistance. A helipad will appear on the roof. The building will rotate once every 48 hours at a fixed speed, regardless of wind strength. Thus, each of the tenants will have a view of both the city and the sea.

It is worth recalling that in 2020 Dubai became the world leader in the number of new skyscrapers built per year. So, in the emirate, 12 buildings with a height of more than 200 meters were built. According to analysts, the reason for this unusual rise in the number of finished skyscrapers in the real estate market in 2020 is the increase in investment in this type of project about five years ago, in line with the strong market position at the time – and these projects, just today, were completed. …

The tallest building built in Dubai last year was the 336-meter SLS Tower in Business Bay. Also built were the 307m Amna Tower at Habtoor City, Jumeirah Gate (303m) at Jumeirah Beach Residences, ICD Brookfield Place (282m) at DIFC and Boulevard Point (280m) at Downtown Dubai.

The clothespin building in Dubai will be the world’s largest world’s artwork. The innovative and unique concept of the Dubai clothespin tower will result in an iconic tower that will serve as a symbol of love, peace, and optimism. The architects put a lot of energy into planning and how to turn this work of art into a living tower. We are sure that the Сlothespin Dubai will become a popular tourist attraction.

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