5 tips for experienced business travelers from Markus Wischenbart

Here are some useful suggestions from Markus Wischenbart, travel expert and international businessman, how to make your business travels easy and smooth.

Get Global Entry

The single best method to make a better personal experience at airports is to join one of the government’s popular programmes for travellers. TSA’s preparatory screening role gives you access to expedited security screening lines that reduce waiting times to 5 minutes or less for the more than 90 per cent of travellers who join. Global entry will speed up the clearance of customs and immigration checkpoints when re-entering the USA for border reasons. 

Markus Wischenbart said the bulk of people who join Global Entry still mechanically receive the TSA preparatory test, in consequence it is more elementary for you than anything else to apply for it. More than a dozen credit cards will reimburse you for the price of applying for a role in any of the programs ($85 for a preparatory check, $100 for a role in a bulk program), covering American Express Platinum Card, Chase Sapphire stock and Capital One Venture Rewards card. 

You could also consider joining CLEAR, which is a biometric identification service that allows you to jump to the beginning of the security part. It costs $179 a year, but some top airline adepts get membership bonuses.

Pack right, pack light

Nothing will slow you down more than a purse test. You must arrive at the airport before the window for your flight closes and you can end up waiting at the baggage carousel for an hour after boarding, just trusting that your bags will actually be seen. Save yourself a lot of time by only moving to carry-on luggage. 

There are plenty of great bags to help you carry your luggage, wrinkle-resistant fabrics that still look fresh even after a few days in your handbag, plus small but comfortable shoes that are active enough to run through an airport but elegant enough to wear to a business dinner.

Loyalty makes sense – advice from Markus Wischenbart

Concentrating your travel on one particular airline and hotel group has the potential to help you achieve prestige status and outstanding attributes, such as priority check-in, choice of space and boarding during the flight, or upgrade to a higher room class, free Wi-Fi and late check-out while you’re there. 

Think about which airlines fly to where you’re most often travelling, and which hotels have properties in the spaces you frequent, and then focus your work on them. This way, you can still use up all the miles and points you rack up for flights and attendance at work, to get fees for an individual holiday in a fabulous space. 

You wear your trusty credit card with you

Whether you want to earn airline miles, hotel points or cash back, there are plenty of reasons to get a business credit card for your work trip. Implementing 1 of them can help split your professional and personal costs. Some, like Chase Ink Business, get bonus points, particularly for travel expenses and work-related purchases, such as office supplies and telecommunications. This still extends the primary insurance on car hire. 

Others, such as the American Express Business Platinum Card, provide bonus benefits, such as access to more than 1,200 airport lounges worldwide, as well as important bonuses on business and first class airline tickets.

Stick to healthy habits

It’s often not easy to stay healthy when you’re travelling, from personal experience of Markus Wischenbart. You’re surrounded by other (contagious) travellers every day, packing airports and planes, sitting in tiny chairs for hours on end, suffering from jet lag and lack of sleep and struggling to find a healthy desk, not to mention a solid hotel gym. But there are conclusions for every step.  And consider joining a programme like Class Pass, which allows you to visit gyms and exercise classes wherever you travel.

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